Lit Journal to Open Brief Submissions Window

Editors at the literary journal "As You Were," published by the 501(c)3 non-profit organization Military Experience & the Arts, have announced a limited window for submissions of new poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and visual art. Window opens July 15, 2020 and closes July 30, 2020.

The on-line journal publishes twice annually, typically around U.S. Memorial Day and Veterans Day—May and November, respectively. The journal and its predecessors have been published since 2011. The November 2020 issue of "As You Were" will be its thirteenth.

The journal is unique in the "veterans-lit" space, in that it welcomes writers of all levels of publishing experience. On a limited basis, editors sometimes offer to "workshop" selected works toward eventual publication. Editors may also coach writers toward more polished versions of their work, prior to publication.

For the volunteer editors, such hands-on approach adds workload and time. To avoid backlogs and bottlenecks in materials waiting to be published, editors have variously limited or timed submissions windows; participation by contributors previously featured in the journal; and participation by contributors without immediate connection to the military experience through life or family.

According to website page describing the organization's publishing history and philosophy:
Our title ["As You Were"] also connotes a hearkening back, an exploration of the self and the past. We’re interested in those words and works of art that are brave enough to cut through rank and time, presenting military experience honestly. We’ve published numerous volumes since 2011, providing each contributor–regardless of whether that contributor has published 25 words or 25 books–with some form of one-on-one consultation if they wanted it.
A Submittable page for all categories is here.

  • Submit new work only. Previously published material, whether in print or on-line—including material published on social media or personal blogs—is not acceptable.
  • Simultaneous submissions are acceptable. Please notify editors if a work has been accepted elsewhere.
  • Poetry: Submit from one to three poems in the same word-processing file.
  • Fiction and non-fiction: Submit up to 3,500 words.
  • Visual art: See submissions page.
Disclosure: The editor of The Aiming Circle blog is also the poetry editor of "As You Were" literary journal.


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