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Columbia Journal Announces Veterans Day Issue

Editors of the Columbia Journal have announced a call for submissions of poetry, essays, non-fiction, fiction, visual art and multimedia art inspired or regarding the military experience.

Successful submissions will be featured on the journal's website in November 2017, in order to commemorate Veterans Day 2017. Deadline is Oct. 31, 2017. The project is open to all writers and artists, regardless of civilian or military status.

The journal is managed by an annually changing staff of graduate writing program students at the Columbia University School of Arts. "[W]e hope to bring to civilians a better understanding of military culture, from every voice that has a story to tell," the editors write.

Guest editor Brian Castner will oversee the themed issue. Castner is the author of the Iraq War memoir "The Long Walk" (2012), and the non-fiction thriller "All the Ways We Kill and Die" (2016); as well as co-editor of the 2017 military-themed short-fiction a…

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