Contest: Write a 500-word Info War Scenario!

The U.S. Army's Mad Scientist Blog is conducting a contest for 500-word scenarios involving the information dimension of warfare. Deadline is fast-approaching: July 1, 2020. Team and individual entries will be considered. Department of Defense affiliation is not required. Sources and products must be unclassified.

Selected contributors will be invited to discuss their vignettes on an upcoming episode of "The Convergence," the Army Mad Scientist podcast. The author or authors of the Best Vignette will be invited to present in an upcoming virtual conference.

Editors write:
The information dimension is constantly changing with the explosion of data and hyper-connectedness enabled by social media, the Internet of Things, and emerging technologies. Weaponized information will permeate our daily existence, fundamentally changing how we compete and fight. Today, actors seek to spread false information quickly in order to erode public trust in traditional alliances and institutions. In the near future, a comprehensive assault on authenticity could be achieved through disruptive technologies like deep fakes, artificial influencers, AI-generated news and dialogue, and virtual/augmented reality.
Suggested approaches include, but are not limited to:
  • Emerging technologies and how they might be used to shape the battlespace and societies prior to conflict.
  • Use of Information Warfare to slow, degrade, impede, or prevent decision making and force projection.
  • Novel ways current and future technology will shape narratives and perceived realities.
  • Information Warfare on the battlefield for deception or to create tactical/operational surprise.
Full details for the contest are posted here as a PDF file. Additional inspiration may be found in a 70-page Mad Scientist Laboratory Anthology Information Warfare: Command & Conflict, available FREE as a PDF file here.

Entries and questions may be sent via e-mail: MADSCITRADOC AT gmail DOT com

According to the website, Mad Scientist is a U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command ("TRADOC") initiative and "community of action":
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