Winter 2017 News & Analysis Markets Report

Blog editor's note: The new quarterly market report described below is another example of the exclusive information regularly broadcast to the military writers who are our Patreon supporters. For more information on our Patreon community-building efforts, visit: Sponsorship levels start at only $1!

Attributes commonly attributed to military people and things include precision, standardization, and urgency. By comparison, the term “military writing” continues to be wonderfully fuzzy and hard-to-define.

Indeed, the term can be variously used to describe:
  • Literary and genre writing involving military themes and settings.
  • Professional writing regarding doctrine, history, and/or process.
  • Commentary and analysis of past, present, or future events involving national security and/or service.
In the past, editors at Red Bull Rising and The Aiming Circle have collected and curated only literary (fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, etc.) and genre (thriller, science fiction, horror, etc.) markets focused on "military writing." (See the Winter 2017 Literary & Genre Markets Report.)

To these efforts, we are pleased to announce the addition of a new quarterly markets report, this one focused on military-writing markets that may better fall under a description of “news & analysis.” Our first such report comprises some 14 markets that publish commentary, analysis, research, personal, and other essay forms about military topics.

The 10-page markets report is available as a PDF, exclusively to our $1-and-up patrons at our Patreon site! Click here for more information!