Anthology Seeks Timely Stories of Military Service

Editors at a literary magazine uniquely focused on exploring themes of history and time have called for work by military service members, veterans, and others, toward a service-themed anthology.

Submissions are currently open for new and previously published fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. The "Thank You for Your Service" anthology is slated to be published by early November 2011 by TwistiT Press, publishers of the on-line literary journal "Twist in Time".

Whether the anthology is to be published in print and/or e-book formats is unspecified. The publishers apparently intend to sell the anthology, given assurances that "all proceeds from this anthology will be donated to several charities who work to aid members of the United States Armed Forces—active or inactive." Authors published in the anthology are not anticipated to receive payment; authors published by the related journal do not receive compensation other than published credit and biography.

The publication acquires one-time digital and print publication, and anthology rights.

While general submissions to the "Twist in Time" on-line magazine are currently closed, editors describe the publication's mission as seeking to fill underserved gaps they perceive among speculative and genre fiction. "We want your history," the website declares. "Time travel. Mythology, folklore, and legends. Steampunk. Alternate universe. Future. We're all about time here."

(While not stated explicitly, one might anticipate some overlap between the journal and anthology content—that the "time" motif might serve as an additional lens through which editors might view submissions to the military-themed anthology. Hey—it couldn't hurt.)

Currently producing its fourth or fifth issue, "Twist in Time" publishes four times a year. Readers may access content both as a website and FREE downloadable PDF. The TwistiT Press has successfully produced at least one collection of poetry, and plans one or two more by early 2020.

The anthology project seems well-intended and reasonably resourced, although some of the submissions language leans danger-close to trauma tropes and editorial assumptions that "all veterans are broken." This can sometimes indicate editorial preconceptions.

Anthology editors Renee Frier, Adrienne Frier, and Craig Rodgers write:
We are primarily looking for poetry and nonfiction written by servicemen and women, their family and friends, or people who wish to honor and thank them.

However, we are not opposed to reading fiction about war or soldiers—so long as there is a reason for the story, a message, something deeper than the surface.

Give us your stories—what was it like serving, coming home, dealing with loss, what does serving mean to you, discuss the friendships you made, etc. We ask that you share your pain, your happiness, your confusion, your trials.

We understand that this is an important but sensitive topic in more ways than one. We don’t want anyone to push themselves past their limit. So above all, we ask that you please take care of yourselves if you are considering submitting.
Submit work to the anthology via e-mail: twistintimesubs AT gmail DOT com.

Attach work as MicroSoft Word .DOC or .DOCX file. No PDFs. Subject line should read: "Submission—Anthology." Include short cover letter, including information as to whether a work has been published elsewhere, and a third-person biography.

The journal's general submissions guidelines further specify:
  • No more than five (5) poems. No minimum or maximum line-count.
  • No more than two (2) stories; cumulatively no more than 5,000 words.
  • Up to eight pieces of visual art.

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