Iraq War Veteran and Writing Coach Re-launches Patreon Site

Iraq War veteran Rachel A. Brune is re-launching a Patreon site focused on providing coaching and insights to writers of military-themed fiction and others. Brune is the author of military-themed urban fantasy, including the 2-book "Rick Keller Project" werewolf series, as well as the 2013 thriller "Soft Target."

Brune twice deployed to the Iraq War as a photojournalist, and is now a commissioned Military Police officer in the U.S. Army Reserve.

She is a 2000 graduate of the New York University Tisch School of the Arts, holds a graduate degree in political communication from the University of Albany, N.Y., and is currently enrolled in the MFA in Creative Writing program at Southern New Hampshire University. In addition to pursuits in creative anachronism—her personal heraldry includes the silhouette of the family's basset hound—she works as a writing coach. She and her family are currently based on the West Coast.

Since 2013, she has interviewed other Science Fiction, Fantasy, and other genre creators at her blog:

At her Patreon site, Brune recently mused about what drives her as a writer, editor, and coach of military themes and topics:
I want to write entertaining fiction that engages as wide an audience as I can attract.

I want to share stories that give representation to military characters and situations in ways that civilian audiences will relate to and understand, in order to do my part to reach across that "divide" that seems to grow wider every day.

I want to encourage service members and veterans to write their own stories and narratives, because the veteran community is so much more than just one or two voices. We have a myriad of perspectives, opinions, and experiences outside the accepted narratives.

I really, really, really want to increase representation in fiction of realistic, complex, multi-dimensional female military and veteran characters. I believe there is a dearth of these characters and stories, and I want more of them, and so I will do my best to contribute to getting more of them, whether that means writing some myself, or coaching others to do the same, or serving as a beta reader when people are trying to get these characters "right," or reading and recommending books that are already out there that feature these sorts of characters. (Or movies. Because Captain Marvel TOTALLY ROCKS!)
For more info, visit Brune's blog or Patreon site.


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