Aiming Circle Launches New Patron-Exclusive Features

As promised, working into the second year for The Aiming Circle, we're looking to adjust fire and make improvements to our patron experience.

Here are some of the challenges with which we've been working:
  • How do we add value for Aiming Circle member-patrons, without gating off all content from the public?
  • How do we create more "community" participation, problem-solving, and information exchange?
  • How do we optimize opportunities for sharing information about "local" and regional opportunities for military writers?
  • How do we best allow for monetization opportunities for Aiming Circle members who offer products and services relevant to military writers?
Here's our next salvo of new features:

All Aiming Circle patrons ($1 and up!) will now have exclusive access to our new, proprietary system of assessing writing markets and contests. Patrons will be able to see our ratings and recommendations. Readers of the free, public-facing website will NOT see these features. (A separate blog post this week will introduce this feature!)

All Aiming Circle patrons ($1 and up!) will continue to get early-bird access to all Aiming Circle content. In the past, that's meant an average of 7 days heads-up on the latest military-themed writing news. In the future, we hope to push that window out even further!

Aiming Circle patrons at higher levels will have exclusive, invite-only access to a new Aiming Circle Facebook group, in which to engage in conversation and commerce. Member will be able to post their own books, events, products, services, tips, and questions to an audience of engaged and motivated fellow practitioners! (Invites will be posted via Facebook, using the e-mail address provided in your Patreon. (Please contact the Aiming Circle administrator via Patreon, if you fail to see an invite by Feb. 22, 2019.)

As always, thank you for your attention and your patronage! We look forward to successful implementation of this next phase of our experimental Community of Practice. Please let us know if you have questions, comments, or suggestions to help further improve our services!


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