Editors Looking for a Few Good 'Great Power' Articles

Editors at the Marine Corps University Press (M.C.U.P.) recently issued an informal call for submissions via social media, specifically seeking articles regarding "Great Power" competition. More generally, the press continues to be a venue for peer-reviewed scholarship and book reviews on national security and international relations.

Editors solicited "articles that speak to how the U.S. military, particularly the Marine Corps, might fare in the face of peer competition, soft/hard power plays, and the changing character of war. Articles may discuss the topic from a historical or contemporary perspective from anywhere along the national security or international relations spectrum, particularly the role of amphibious troops, force readiness, and the role of such competitors as Russia, China, and others."

In addition to books on national security, international relations, and related topics, the Marine Corps University Press twice yearly publishes "MCU Journal," a peer-reviewed print and digital publication. A more-frequently updated on-line journal, titled "On Point," is also in the works.

The organization's mission states:
The MCU Press, as part of Marine Corps History Division, publishes original scholarly, peer-reviewed research (books, journals, and other forms of research) in military history, national security, international relations, and political science realms for worldwide communities. As a government military publisher, the press disseminates these products to research libraries, institutions, and scholars at no charge. The press also serves the faculty, staff, and students at Marine Corps University by publishing on topics related to the history, culture, politics, and future of the Corps and the U.S. military.
On its submissions page, editors notably indicate they are "particularly interested in masters and PhD students who are ready to venture into scholarly publishing," across disciplines such as military history, political science, international relations, security studies, and more.

Both "MCU Journal" (print and digital) and "OnPoint" (on-line digital) articles must be 4,000 to 10,000 words in length, including footnotes, and formatted according to Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition). Deadlines are May for fall issues, and November for spring issues. Submissions to "OnPoint" will be given expedited peer review, copyedit, and production process—approximately 4 weeks, compared to the print journal's typical 4-month turnaround.

Book proposals should be 500 to 2,500 words in length (see submissions page for information requirements and format). Finished book manuscripts should be 80,000 to 150,000 words in length.

A full set of book and journal submissions guidelines is here.

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