Maritime Think-Tank Calls for Short Fiction

Editors at the Center for International Maritime Security, a Maryland-based non-profit independent think tank, are calling for short-story fiction (1,000 to 4,000 words) to explore defense and foreign policy challenges. Submissions are due Nov. 26, 2018. Successful submissions will be published on the CIMSEC website Dec. 3 to Dec, 7, 2018.

The editors write:
Fiction offers a powerful means for exploring uncertainty and envisioning how scenarios could develop. CIMSEC invites authors to submit fictional short stories that stir the imagination and use fiction as a means to explore any variety of defense and foreign policy challenges. Submissions can take place in any time period and explore a range of themes. Send us your stories to shed light on issues, challenge the status quo, and fascinate readers with engrossing narratives.
Full details regarding the 2018 Fiction Week can be found on the CIMSEC website here.

Previous examples of successful stories can be seen in 2017 CIMSEC Fiction Week coverage, as well as another short-fiction contest co-sponsored with The Atlantic Council.

Membership in CIMSEC is free to interested and qualified professionals. The organization comprises more than 800 members in 30 countries.

The organization's mission is:
To build a global community of professionals, academics, and forward thinkers from a variety of fields who wish to further international maritime peace and security through an exchange of ideas and the rigor of critical thought and writing.

CIMSEC pursues this mission through internet forums, collaborating with similarly motivated organizations, sponsoring and hosting events, developing publications, and connecting individuals.
For military writers of analysis and opinion, CIMSEC is also a potential market for articles (1,000 to 3,000 words in length), book reviews, interviews, and reprint articles. It regularly focuses editorial content on special topics, such as "sea control" and "strategy for great power competition." For the website's standing submissions page, click here.

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