Website Seeks NetSec Essays and Interviews

Named after a slang military term for a writing pen (the term has legitmate historical roots, too), the on-line journal Inkstick "reaches beyond the policy bubble to deliver relatable human stories alongside hard-hitting news and analysis." Editors seek contributions regarding national security, diplomacy, and military topics from "across the political and ideological spectrum." Editors call for submissions in three categories or formats:

Brief, conversational analysis of 500 words each. The editors write:
Don’t shy away from the facts. Our readers aren’t dim or uninformed, they just don’t want to read your droning wonkery. Humor, pop culture references, and snark are encouraged. Cursing is allowed. Flagrant use of acronyms and policy jargon need not apply. Find another way to say JCPOA.
Essays of any length. The editors write:
Tell us a story. Length isn’t an issue, pictures are nice, proximity (ie: relatability) is key. Whenever possible, we like a side of hope with our horror, but if it doesn’t exist, don’t stretch the truth.
Interviews of any length. The editors write:
Inkstick is interested in conducting interviews with diverse foreign policy innovators and folks with good stories to tell. Someone we should know? Drop us a line. We’ll take a picture of their pretty face.
Inkstick has published new material as recently as July 2018. However, a related podcast, "Things that Go Boom," has not been updated since February 2018.

Prospective writers should also take note of potential copyright claims contained in the website's terms and conditions, which read in part:
By submitting any material to us, such as by posting a comment to a chat group or a bulletin board, or by sending us an e-mail or other form of message, you are thereby granting us a non-exclusive license to reproduce, display, distribute, modify and create derivative works from such material and to use such material and the fact of your authorship of it for marketing purposes.
Story pitches and/or spec pieces may be directed via e-mail to: lheeley AT inkstickmedia DOT com.

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