Travel Journal Seeks Essays on 'War and Peace'

Editors of the quarterly on-line publication Panorama: The Journal of Intelligent Travel are seeking proposals of non-fiction work on a theme of "War and Peace."

Editors describe the publication's general approach as seeking to "redefine who travels and what travel looks like, as well as to reshape the kinds of journeys–whether real or imagined–that can be narrated through words and images. To us, 'travel' is not uniquely a set of experiences and encounters taking place far from home, but also emerges from being attentive to the extraordinary potential of the everyday."

While the publication otherwise considers fiction, poetry, illustration, photo essays, the focus of the "War and Peace" special section will be non-fiction essays, each ranging from 1,200 to 3,000 words. Experimental forms are acceptable, but must be non-fiction. Deadline for pitches is Aug. 30, 2018.

The themed issue will be "focused on the political landscapes of the world and how they change the scope of our travels," the editors write. "We’re looking for powerful storytelling which shows the world at war—and at peace—through the eyes of travel literature."

More specifically, the theme relates to the concept of psychogeography, a sort of studied wandering:
Pitches should also demonstrate an awareness of the social, political and ideological forces behind, for example, conflict, peacemaking and reconstruction. It might engage with themes such as: sites of trauma, the impact on cultural heritage and architecture, the layering of communities and generational stories, emotional and ethical responses, etc. This section aims to broaden the traditional scope of psychogeography from urban wandering to a general engagement with human spaces/civilisations and a critical reflection on how we move through them.
For a quick, practical primer on writing using psychogeography techniques, click here.

The publication acquires on-line world rights for three months. Editors usually consider previously unpublished work only, but "make exceptions for spectacular work for limited sections."

A submissions page for the "War and Peace" themed issue is here. However, make sure to read carefully the publication's general formatting (Microsoft Word attachment; double-spaced; page-numbered) and cover page requirements found here.

Pitches may be made via e-mail to section editor Kyra Giorgi at psychogeographyeditor AT panoramajournal DOT org. Title your message: "War & Peace: Psychogeography Pitch."

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