LIt Journal Focuses on Military Stories Beyond Uniform

Faculty editors at the University of Washington—Tacoma have reiterated a Sept. 1, 2018 deadline for the Winter 2018 issue of the on-line journal "Collateral." 

Launched in 2016,
 and published twice a year, the publication features creative writing and art that "explores the impact of the military and military service on the lives of people beyond the active service person."

Editors seek previously unpublished fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and art that illuminate these "collateral" narratives. Suggested themes or topics include, but are not limited to:
  • reintegration
  • waiting
  • exile
  • homecoming
  • escape
  • injury
  • loss
  • home front
  • discharge
  • the military-civilian divide
Submissions are made via the publication's website here. Microsoft Word or PDF formats are preferred. The journal requests first serial Internet rights. All other rights remain with the author. Simultaneous and multiple submissions are acceptable.

Submissions are read year-round, with windows closing March 1 (for the May/"Summer" issue) and September 1 (for the November/"Winter" issue).

The publication's mission statement reads:
Collateral explores the perspectives of those whose lives are touched indirectly by the realities of military service. Numerous journals already showcase war literature, but we provide a creative platform that explores the impact of violent conflict and military service in spaces beyond the combat zone. 
We feel these voices sometimes go unheard, and this journal captures the "collateral" impact of military service, whether it is from the perspective of the partner or child; the parent or sibling; the friend or co-worker; or the elderly veteran, the refugee, or the protester. In any issue, you might find the haiku of a seven-year old girl whose father is in Afghanistan alongside the short story of an award-winning fiction writer. Or the first-person essay of a military spouse alongside the critical essay of an academic.
Other guidelines:
  • Poetry: 1 to 5 poems; no more than 10 pages total.
  • Prose: No more than 5,000 words of prose.
  • Visual art: 3 to 5 examples of photography, mixed media, well-lit and well-composed pictures of textiles, jewelry, paintings, drawings, sculpture and more. (Unlike submissions to other categories, previously published art is acceptable.) Image formats including JPG, TIFF or PNG.
The publication maintains a presence on Facebook and on Instagram.

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