'CAMP' Journal Seeks Research on Old Mil-Bases

The Council on America’s Military Past ("CAMP") is calling for scholarly papers for its Journal of American Military Past ("JAMP"). The journal is published three times a year, and focuses on the preservation and history of U.S. military installations and sites no longer in active use: "From stockade forts of early New England to adobe presidios of the Southwest, from temporary camps and battlegrounds of a military on the move, to elaborate coastal defense installations along America’s coastlines."

Editors seek scholarly voiced articles ranging from 2,500 to 7,500 words. Work by graduate students and independent researchers is welcomed. Membership is not necessary for publication. Members include historians, historical preservationists, archeologists, architects, engineers, genealogists, and others.

Editors write:
We welcome submissions of interesting, original articles on American military history, especially topics that deal with significant sites (which could include installations, battlefields, ships and airplanes). We also welcome articles on biography and historic preservation, especially if they are related to particular sites. Maps and photos are strongly encouraged.
Authors are responsible for obtaining reprint rights for any copyrighted materials related to their articles, and for any related costs of reproduction.

The organization's 53rd Annual Conference is planned for April 3-6, 2019 in Tucson, Arizona.

Editorial queries regarding potential articles and book reviews may be directed to the Journal of American Military Past editor via e-mail: EditorJamp AT yahoo DOT com

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