Author Issues Call for 'War Stories' Anthology

The author of the "Irregular Scout Team One" zombie-fighting series, the extraterrestrial alien "Invasion" series, and other military-themed genre-fiction series, has issued a call for submissions for an anthology of non-fiction war stories and poetry. Caveats: Deadline and timeframe are unspecified. Requested copyrights are unspecified.

John F. Holmes is the author of more than 18 books and two novellas. He is a retired senior non-commissioned officer, who served for 22 years in both the Regular Army and Army National Guard. During that time, he held positions ranging from artillery section leader to divisional planning staff, with deployments to Cuba and Iraq. Holmes is also the creator of PowerPoint Ranger, an irreverent on-line cartoon that ran from 2010 to 2014, and was once a regular feature published in the Army Times.

In a Facebook post dated May 9, 2018, Holmes writes:
When I first started writing, I put together an anthology of stories from Iraq & Afghanistan called The Longest War. I learned a lot of lessons from that (including how not to get screwed buy a scamming small time publisher).

So I'd like to do another volume. TRUE stories from the battlefield and the homefront since 09/11/2001.

If you would like to submit, please email me
Guidelines include, according to Holmes:
  • Military service or dependancy [sic] must be verifiable.
  • Stories can be published anonymously.
  • Story length between 2,000 and 8,000 words.
  • Poetry also acceptable, but no royalties paid.
  • Editor reserves the right to change names and locations to protect privacy and operations, in consultation with authors.
  • No hit pieces on individuals, or long diatribes on how your unit was the most f*cked up one in the Army, and you would have run everything better if only you were in charge.
  • No confessions or allegations of war crimes.
Terms, according to Holmes:
Royalties will be quarterly for one year after publication date. 20% to me as editor and publisher, 80% divided evenly between authors.
Update July 20, 2018: Holmes can now be reached via e-mail: contact AT cannonpublishing DOT us


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