Editors Seek Essays About Future Air Conflict

The editors at two Australian entities are partnering in a call for submissions on themes related to preparing modern air forces for high-intensity conflict. Deadline is immediate and on-going; publication of selected blog posts will take place in February on the blog "From Balloons to Drones.

The on-line essays will additionally serve as the intellectual framework for a March 22, 2018 seminar on "The Requirements of High Intensity Warfare," to be conducted in Canberra, Australia by the Sir Richard Williams Foundation.

The editors seek contributions that provide a variety of perspectives on the following key themes:
  • Strategy and Theory
  • Future Roles
  • Emerging Threats
  • Air Force Culture
  • Force Structure
  • Technology and Capabilities
  • Ethical and Moral Challenges
  • Doctrinal Trends
  • Education
  • Training
The project's editors are seeking essays from 1,000 to 2,000 words in length. Other guidance includes:
Articles can range from historical discussions of the above themes through to contemporary perspectives. Perspectives can also come from a number of related disciplines including history, strategic studies, international relations, law, and ethics. […]Submissions should be submitted in Word format and emailed to the addresses below with ‘SUBMISSION – HIGH-INTENSITY WARFARE’ in the subject line. Also, please include a 50-100-word biography with your submission. Please be careful to explain any jargon. Publication will be entirely at the discretion of the editors. These articles will be published from mid-February and will appear on the websites of "The Central Blue" and "From Balloons to Drones" simultaneously.
The full announcement appears in its entirety here at this link.

For more information, contact:
  • Wing Commander Travis Hallen (co-editor of the Sir Richard Williams Foundation's "The Central Blue") at: centralblue AT williamsfoundation DOT org.au
  • Ross Mahoney (editor, "From Balloons to Drones") at: airpowerstudies AT gmail DOT com