New York Times Re-launches 'At War' Blog

Editors at The New York Times have announced the relaunch of "At War: Notes from the Front Lines," a news and opinion blog that originally ran from 2009 to 2016. The feature often focused on personal stories of military service members, veterans, and family members.

The move seems to continue a trend of increased interest in veterans issues and stories, which has seen publications such as The Washington Post and The Atlantic magazine reach out to veterans via similar questionnaires and social media campaigns.

More information on The New York Times "At War" reboot can be found at this link.

Through a related on-line questionnaire, interested parties can enroll in a pending "At War" community.

Questions asked include: name, e-mail, branch of service, present or former rank, and more. Civilians or those with other affiliations with military service are also welcome. The survey includes a question as to whether respondents would be willing to be an "At War" source or contributor.

Based on some of the questions asked, future "At War" efforts may also involve local/regional meet-ups or events.